When I had 10 tubs of Chocolate Ice-cream in the freezer!


14 Nov 2021

Before you call me CRAZY! Just hear me out, okay? So, first thing first, let's be honest, we all love ice-cream, from little kids until we are wrinkly old. There is something about it, that first moment when your tongue gets in contact with the frozen cream and sugar blend, how it starts melting in the mouth immediately, that sugar hit! Long story short, it is an absolute delightful experience, that makes everyone happy.

My search for the Best Supermarket Ice-cream started since I came to New Zealand. I was exposed to these high-end international brands and the world was my oyster and nobody was there to stop me, except I was too broke to buy 10 tubs of ice-cream in one go at that time! But time has changed, for good! If your girl wants something she gets it! Okay, I'll stop with the bragging. For years, I have tried many supermarket ice-creams, but I always ended up with Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie!

It was my favourite for the longest time, yes 'was', not anymore, not after I have tried all these options side-by-side to it. The thing I loved about Ben & Jerry's was that it was chocolatey, had dark rich brown colour and had those yummy brownie bits. But my opinion was about to change.

When I was planning to do the "Best Supermarket Chocolate Ice-cream I can buy in NZ" taste test, my main criterias were 1. Colour 2. Texture/Mouthfeel 3. & Last but not the least, Value for money Much to my surprise it was one of the ice-creams, I did not expect at all, would come out as a winner. I did 2 rounds of tasting, and in both rounds 'Much Moore Salted Chocolate Half Baked Brownie" stood out! The Food Technologists at Much Moore definitely know whats up! Good Job!

If money wasn't a factor, 'Kohu Road Dark Chocolate' would be the winner. For Kohu Road you are paying $11.49 for 500ml vs Much Moore at $7.49 for 1000ml (so $3.745 for 500ml), you can buy THREE of the Much Moore in the price of ONE Kohu Road! That is insane! The most shocking part is that you are not compromising with the quality or flavour what so ever. I must say that, the mouthfeel of Kohu Road is heavenly and the dark chocolate flavour is divine, but for my weekly budget friendly ice-cream consumption, Much Moore will do the job.

Will I buy Ben & Jerry's or Kohu Road again? The simple answer is YES, most definitely. But not on a regular basis and more like a treat, when I have not spent $160 on just groceries and have a few more dollars to spare on indulgence. A few conclusions I made after eating all that ice-cream:

  • Ben & Jerry's is good but definitely not the best out there and has high quantity of sugar (25.7grams of sugar in 100g of ice-cream).
  • Hageen Daz has a slight powdery texture but the flavour is overall nice, just the texture is off-putting for me.
  • Halo Top was the darkest brown but was not the chocolat-iest.
  • Kohu Road and Hageen Daz has very similar taste profile, the main difference is mouthfeel and I prefered Kohu Road.
  • Cheap does not mean bad and Much Moore proves that! It might be cheaper than Kohu Road but gave it a tough competition.
  • At last, do I think I found the Chocolate ice-cream of my dreams? No. I did pick the best one out of all the ones I tried, but it's not THE ONE for me yet. My search will continue, let me get through all this ice-cream in my freezer first, before I buy anymore!

    P.S. Much Moore has not paid me for this, I genuinely am obsessed with food and I did this review out of shear curiosity and love for ice-creams. Until next time, Ciao!